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I'm a software engineer who really likes making things.

The site's mostly for reference, but maybe you'll find something.
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Software Jul 21, 2022

Setting up Next.js with Tailwindcss and Docker

I’m constantly re-evaluating my client-side technology stacks in the quest for that perfect setup. Perfection is an impossible goal, but I think I’ve gotten a little closer with this tech pairing.

Software Mar 16, 2020

Upgrading My ASP.NET Core Projects to 3.1

.NET Core 3.1 is LTS meaning it’s a great time to upgrade projects to the newest version. This article goes through the process of converting one of my existing .

Software Mar 2, 2020

MSSQL Server on DigitalOcean via Ubuntu

I’ve moved several applications over to DigitalOcean since posting articles on configuring Kubernetes. Some of these applications use SQL Server, so I needed an instance.

Software Mar 25, 2019

Fun Build - Hide Your Slack Link

Winter made me a little stir-crazy. In order to deflect the brain spirals, I wanted to make a little side project.

Software Jul 19, 2018

Quick Start Git

Git is widely adopted by the development community. However, some developer’s haven’t gotten to cut their teeth with it for various reasons.

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The pixel mine

I'm currently the Co-Founder / CTO with an amazing team at Rentler. We build property management software for independant landlords and their renters using a plethora of technologies.

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