• In my previous article, I configured the Kubernetes cluster with a private Docker registry. In this one, I aim to convert this site to a Docker container and deploy it to the cluster. This time there isn’t a nice DigitalOcean tutorial, but Docker is already nice to work in. Setting up Docker This site generates using Hugo. Building it is as simple as running the Hugo command. hugo To build the image, it’s important to know how the site’s built.
    approx. 2 minutes. Software    kubernetes docker hugo
  • Back in 2017 I converted this site to Hugo. I did it to control my content while checking out some static site generators. At the time I was interested in just getting the site up and running. To aid in that process I quickly grabbed a theme on the Hugo theme website and started porting content. Fast forward a year, and now I’m looking to give a little more love to the site.
    approx. 1 minutes. Software    hugo
  • Re-Launch with Hugo

    The site has been transformed. It’s now mattkruskamp.com instead of cyberkruz.com. But, there’s more! I’ve moved from a website builder (Squarespace) to using a static website generator (Hugo) to create the site. Why? Content ownership I’m going to simplify here a bit. The internet was originally created to be a decentralized network. Any person or business can throw a server on the network and host a website or other resources. No one site is technically more important than the other.
    approx. 2 minutes. Software    hugo