• Back in 2017 I converted this site to Hugo. I did it to control my content while checking out some static site generators. At the time I was interested in just getting the site up and running. To aid in that process I quickly grabbed a theme on the Hugo theme website and started porting content. Fast forward a year, and now I'm looking to give a little more love to the site.
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  • Re-Launch with Hugo

    The site has been transformed. It's now mattkruskamp.com instead of cyberkruz.com. But, there's more! I've moved from a website builder (Squarespace) to using a static website generator (Hugo) to create the site. Why? Content ownership I'm going to simplify here a bit. The internet was originally created to be a decentralized network. Any person or business can throw a server on the network and host a website or other resources. No one site is technically more important than the other.
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