• Quick Start Git

    Git is widely adopted by the development community. However, some developer’s haven’t gotten to cut their teeth with it for various reasons. This article is designed to help people get started using Git for the first time. This article uses the command line to work with Git. Although GUIs exist, I found it helpful to learn the concepts through the command line. If you aren’t comfortable with the command line djangogirls.
    approx. 6 minutes. Software    git
  • You can publish to Azure websites a number of ways. They all have their strengths and weaknesses so I tend to change them up depending on the situation. If I’m trying to get something quickly up to Azure I’ll go with the git deployment. If I want full continuous integration I’ll generally go WebDeploy and automate with continuous integration. This article explains how to deploy a .Net Core application to Azure websites using git.
    approx. 3 minutes. Software    .net core azure git