• Creating Webparts

    Overview This is the first of a couple articles on managing web parts. I would like to keep these articles as simple and concise as possible. This tutorial simply covers how to place WebParts onto the screen. WebParts are a portion of Asp.Net that doesn’t receive very much love. From my experience they feel complex, and where to apply them in your application very ambiguous. Let’s just start with creating one.
    approx. 2 minutes. Software    csharp asp.net
  • I noticed that when I used the CollapsiblePanelExtender, it had a tendancy to flicker once when the page loads. Here is my quick fix for that. All you have to do is add these properties to the panel’s definition: style=“overflow:hidden” Height=“0” I hope this helps.
    approx. 1 minutes. Software    csharp
  • C# Tutorial: Linked List

    For archive purposes, I am posing a custom, generic, sortable, event-driven, doubly-linked list. In the future I will run some tests on it to see if it beats the current linked list implementation provided by the .NET framework. For those unsure of what a linked list is, here is a small tutorial on it. Collections When programming a computer, it is very common to store many items of the same type.
    approx. 7 minutes. Software    csharp
  • Overview I was originally going to just post the information needed for my reference, but I decided that I had to reference many things all the time, so I will just post a tutorial. For those people using ASP.NET often on a large amount of projects have no doubt-ably come across ASP.NET 2.0’s custom roles and membership tools. These tools allow you to use a lot of prefabricated tools written by the Microsoft developers in order to perform menial tasks like authentication and role assignment.
    approx. 3 minutes. Software    csharp