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It seems as though Asp.Net MVC has given me a number of gotchas lately. I was writing an application allowing users to post in a question like format. MVC would post a form to the same url, and I would update the form with the next question. One issue though: Asp.Net MVC would not update the form with the new question information. Something like this:

Html.TextboxFor(m => m.MyProperty)

On the controller side of things I would update the model:

// save off MyProperty to the database
model.MyProperty = “The stuff should change”;
return View(model);

The textbox would still contain the original text. Boo! I knew it wasn’t a problem with the variable assignment because the following would reflect any changes I made:


Hours later it dawned on me: Could Asp.Net be saving the form data in the ModelState and disregarding the property with the ModelState? Answer? Yes… sigh This fixes this current issue:


I hope this helps someone down the road because it made me cry in a corner.

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